Families in the South need Floor heating

Every year when winter comes, people say "this year is warm winter, no autumn pants". On rainy days and sunny days, my friends feel that this winter is very cold. They want to find a warm place to dream of wearing casual clothes, holding a cup of coffee or green tea and watching the snow outside the window dancing. They feel happy and warm. The south is not like the north, winter is very short, many people may choose to live through this winter directly, but the people who have experienced know that the winter in the south is often colder than that in the north. In the north, the general outdoor temperature will be lower than zero degrees Celsius, but the humidity is low, relatively dry, feeling relatively dry. In addition, there is usually heating in the room. After entering the room, you will take off the thick coat, and you will hardly feel the cold inside.

In contrast, in the south, the outdoor temperature will generally be above zero degrees Celsius, but the winter in the South will be accompanied by several days of rainy weather, and the air is very humid. This kind of cold and damp is more uncomfortable than the dry cold in the north. Sitting still for half an hour, hands and feet will freeze straight hair and numbness. Wash vegetables with cold water, reach into the cold water and feel the pain like cutting with a knife. In a few seconds, people's bones will be frozen, and their fingers will be stiff! There is no heating in the room, which makes people feel extremely cold.

Therefore, a lot of times we will feel that the indoor is not warm outside, which is related to our southern architecture. The first consideration of the northern building designers is heat preservation, and the concept of the southern designers is how to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation. The first thing for interior designers in the north is to consider the location of heating equipment. There is almost no concept of heating design for interior designers in the south.

Installation of floor heating has more advantages than air-conditioning heating. Floor heating starts from the foot, stimulates the foot meridians, promotes the blood circulation of the whole body. Walking barefoot on the floor is quite comfortable. The whole room will give a good feeling of cool head and warm feet, which also conforms to the concept of human traditional Chinese medicine and modern science. In the south, more and more people begin to understand the warmth of the earth and feel the more comfortable and healthy life it brings to families.