Floor heating - the most comfortable heating mode

According to traditional Chinese medicine, "heat comes from the head and cold from the feet". Modern medicine also shows that the internal organs of human body can maintain normal physiological function only under the appropriate temperature conditions.

When the outside world becomes cold, the human body functions automatically. In order not to lose heat in the body, the blood of hands and feet will flow back to maintain the required temperature of internal organs. When the foot temperature is low, the foot blood vessels contract and the blood return is blocked, which leads to the blood circulation of the whole body is not smooth, so the whole body will feel cold. So warm people first warm feet, only feet warm, the whole body will feel warm.

In the traditional way of heating, the top of the room is about 28 ℃, while the human body is only 15 ℃, or even lower, in particular, the feet will feel cold after sitting for a long time. In addition to the unreasonable heat distribution, the fine dust circulating with it may have a negative impact on people with allergic reactions. As the most comfortable heating mode, the indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases with the increase of height from bottom to top. This temperature curve just meets the physiological needs of people, giving people a comfortable feeling of feet warming and head cooling. The distribution of ground heating temperature is in line with the physiological needs of human body. It can promote the blood circulation of the feet of residents, promote metabolism, and improve the immune ability to a certain extent. In addition, the environment of "foot hot and head cold" can avoid sleepiness, which is conducive to enhancing memory, improving learning and working efficiency.

01 health

Due to the small temperature difference caused by heat, the geothermal heating system has a low indoor air flow rate, which is not easy to make indoor dust fly, reducing the spread of harmful bacteria in the air, making the indoor environment more sanitary and clean, which is conducive to the health of bronchitis, respiratory tract infection and allergic syndrome; using floor heating, air convection is weakened, and water loss is less, which overcomes the traditional radiator supply The indoor heat, dry mouth, dry tongue and other discomfort caused by warm method avoid the excessive dryness of female skin due to water loss.

02 high efficiency and energy saving

Floor heating has higher thermal efficiency than convection heating, and the heat is concentrated in the height benefiting the human body. Even if the indoor set temperature is 2-5 ℃ lower than convection heating, it can make people have the same warm feeling, so the heat transfer loss of temperature difference will be greatly reduced; the low-temperature transmission of floor heating medium has small heat loss and high thermal efficiency in the process of transmission; compared with other heating methods, floor heating has the following advantages:, The energy-saving range is about 10%. If the zone temperature control device is used, the energy-saving range can reach 20%.

03 long service life and good safety performance

Because the floor heating coil is all buried in the floor, there is almost no maintenance problem if it is not destroyed by human in the heating operation, and the service life is more than 50 years, which greatly reduces the troubles brought by the maintenance to the residents.

04 zone control, easy to manage

Floor radiation heating (floor heating) does not increase the construction cost and operation and maintenance cost compared with other single household heating methods. The temperature of each room can be adjusted and controlled independently according to the needs, which is convenient for household heat metering and charging.

05 reduce floor noise

At present, prefabricated or cast-in-place slab is generally used in our country. Its sound insulation effect is very poor. When people walk upstairs, it will affect the downstairs. The floor heating increases the insulation layer, which has a very good sound insulation effect and can reduce noise pollution. The floor heating process is silent, the indoor environment is quiet, and there is no air conditioning noise.