Material composition of floor heating system

Nowadays, many people's homes are paved with floor heating. While feeling the comfort brought by the floor heating, they can't help but also want to understand the structure of the floor heating. Today, we will take you to study the basic structure and materials of ground heating.As we all know, floor heating installation is a system engineering, a complete floor heating system is completed by a variety of floor heating materials. It can be said that the main material of floor heating determines the safety and stability of the floor heating system, while the auxiliary material of floor heating determines the environmental protection and energy conservation of the floor heating system.

Floor heating main material

The main materials of floor heating mainly include gas wall mounted furnace, heating main pipe, water collector, floor heating pipe, superconducting module, temperature controller, etc. The main material of floor heating is the main component of the floor heating system, which directly affects the operation of the whole floor heating system.

Gas wall boiler - wall boiler is a common heating source in life. It not only provides heating source for floor heating system, but also meets the user's demand for domestic hot water.

Heating pipe - ground heating pipe is an important medium of heat transmission in the ground heating system. The brand and performance of the heating pipe determine the service life of the ground heating system. According to different materials, heating pipes can be divided into: aluminum plastic pipe, PE-RT pipe, oxygen resistant pipe, etc.

Diversity water collector - diversity water collector refers to the device used to connect the main heating water supply pipe and return pipe in the floor heating system, including diversity water pipe, exhaust water discharge device, branch valve and connecting accessories.

Floor heating temperature controller - the temperature controller can detect the indoor temperature and automatically adjust it to the ideal heating temperature set by the user.

Floor heating accessories

Floor heating auxiliary materials mainly include insulation board, reflective film, steel wire mesh or higher-level silicon crystal mesh, nails, ties and other materials. Users choose high-quality thermal insulation materials can greatly reduce the use cost of later heating.

Reflection film - the function of reflection film is to reflect the heat upward, reduce the heat loss downward, and accelerate the temperature rise. Reflectivity and corrosion resistance are the basic standards to measure the quality of reflective film. If we choose high-quality reflection film of floor heating, not only can we ensure the service life, but also can make the energy saving effect of the floor heating system better with its super reflectivity.

Heat preservation board - heat preservation board can store heat to avoid downward heat transfer and reduce heat loss of floor heating system.

Floor heating is a system engineering, any kind of main material or auxiliary material as well as laying and installation construction details will directly affect the actual use effect of floor heating. It is suggested that you choose high-quality brand products and powerful construction industry and commerce. Only in this way can you make your family feel more relieved and comfortable to use the floor heating!