The floor heating water separator can be used correctly in this way

Now, floor heating will be installed in the decoration of new houses. The floor heating has been used for a long time, the accessories are aging, damaged, and there are various problems. If you want the floor heating to work normally all the time, it is very important to extend the service life of the floor heating water separator. Teacher Fu revealed that the floor heating water separator is correct only when it is used in this way, and it will not be broken in 20 years!

First, introduce the floor heating water separator

The water distributor and collector are water distribution and collection devices used to connect the water supply and return of each heating pipe in the water system. According to the inlet and return water, it is divided into water separator and water collector. Therefore, it is called a water collector or a water collector, commonly known as a water separator. The water separator is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of the water flow in the ground heating loop in the ground heating system. When the water in the gas boiler flows into the water separator through the main pipeline, the impurities are isolated by the filter, and then the water is evenly distributed to the loop, after the heat exchange, it returns to the main collecting bar, and then flows into the heating system from the return port.

How to choose the floor heating water separator?

At present, the service life of the water separator on the market is generally within 10 years. According to the different water quality in different parts of our country, the poor water quality can be shortened to 6-8 years. There are copper, stainless steel, plastic and other types of water separators on the market. The ones with better quality are copper water separators with the longest service life. When selecting the water collector, it is necessary to know the product structure, manufacturer, material, after-sales service and other relevant information.

The correct use of floor heating water separator

Before heating at home every year, the exhaust valve on the water separator can be used to

The gas in the pipe is discharged, so the heating effect will be better.

Clean the filter of floor heating regularly to prevent pipe blockage.

When there is no one at home, you can use the water separator to circulate the warm water

The quantity regulation becomes smaller, but circulating water can not be trapped to avoid pipeline frostbite.

The pipes of water separator shall not contact with organic solutions such as gasoline and paint.

the above four methods can effectively improve the service life of the water separator. At the same time, the pipeline embedding during the installation of floor heating is also very important. During the construction, professional companies must be invited to design and construct according to the design drawings, so as to ensure the service life of 50 years.