What's the advantage of cleaning the floor heating?

The appropriate time for floor heating cleaning is (before, during and after heating can be cleaned)

Cleaning before floor heating:

The sludge impurities in the pipe can be removed, so as to ensure the normal use of the floor heating pipe during the heating period, and make the indoor temperature comfortable.

Cleaning in heating:

Can intuitively feel the change of temperature rise.

Cleaning after heating:

Due to the poor water quality during heating, impurities are deposited. At this time, cleaning can thoroughly remove impurities and avoid bacterial reproduction.

As a new type of heating product, floor heating is more comfortable than the traditional heating method. Generally, after using floor heating for a period of time, it should not be ignored, and it is necessary to understand the daily cleaning and maintenance.

01 The floor heating has a service life of 50 years. Why should it be cleaned?

Maybe a lot of users have a question. Isn't the service life of floor heating 50 years? Why wash it? Yes, the service life of the floor heating pipe is generally more than 50 years, but if it is not well maintained, it will affect its cooling effect, cause high energy consumption, and affect the service life of the floor heating, and regular cleaning is a way to maintain the floor heating and extend its service life.

02 What will happen if the floor heating pipe is not cleaned for a long time?

After one heating period, the ground heating pipeline will deposit 1-1.5mm thick dirt, which will shrink the pipeline, reduce the water flow, and correspondingly reduce the indoor temperature by 3-6 ℃, and the area with poor water quality will be more serious. If the floor heating is not cleaned, it will not only affect the temperature of the room, but also cause waste of energy. If it is not completely cleaned, it will not only cause pipe embolism, unable to dredge, but also breed a large number of bacteria, which will cause harm to our health.

03 The heating effect of floor heating is very good. Do you need to clean it?

Of course, it is necessary, because the water supply temperature of floor heating is generally around 45 ° and cannot exceed 60 °, but the water temperature of central heating is at least over 70 °. In this way, the higher the water temperature is, the more scaling will occur, which will form pipeline deposition and easily cause pipeline embolism. Therefore, the floor heating should be cleaned regularly.

04 How often is the floor heating cleaned?

The time limit for floor heating cleaning varies with the service life, region and water quality of floor heating. Generally speaking, a professional cleaning is required in 2-3 years. Before using the floor heating for the first time, a cleaning should be carried out, mainly to change the water for the floor heating, to avoid the pipe impurities, stones and cement problems caused by the unprofessional construction, which is conducive to the maintenance of the floor heating.

05 When is the best time to clean the floor?

Generally speaking, floor heating can be cleaned all year round, but the best time to clean floor heating is before the normal heating season. Because during the heating period, the water in the floor heating pipe circulates, which is relatively difficult to scale, but after the heating season, when there is no water or the water is still in the floor heating pipe, it is easier to form dirt, biological mud and impurities, so it needs to be cleaned in time before use, otherwise, it is even worse to clean for a long time.

06 What are the basic processes of floor heating cleaning?

The structural design of different floor heating equipment is different, and the method should be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the best effect of cleaning floor heating. Generally, the floor heating cleaning mainly includes the following processes:

Laying work blanket → installing equipment → removing water separator according to the road → removing water accumulated in the pipe → cleaning → comparison before and after cleaning → pressure testing → recovering water separator after all cleaning → exhaust by the way → completion of floor heating cleaning

Cleaning floor heating has many advantages. It can not only maintain the floor heating, ensure its use effect, reduce energy consumption, but also extend its service life.