What about the leakage of floor heating?

With more and more families installing the floor heating, the southern boys can now enjoy the warmth in winter. The floor heating is really comfortable to use, but the problem of water and floor heating may occur is water leakage. If the radiator leaks, it can be easily handled on the open surface, but the floor heating is relatively hidden. If it leaks, what should be done?

What happened to prove that the floor heating was leaking?

1. There is water in the ceiling of the downstairs residents. If the faucet is not turned off properly, we should consider whether the floor is warm and leaking.

2. See if water seeps out of your floor.

3. Look at the pressure gauge. If the value falls to 0, most of it is water leakage.

4. The interface of the water collector is wet or there are water drops.

What is the cause of the leakage?

1. Pipe quality and service life

During the installation, the user does not know the material of the pipe very well. In addition, some untrue businesses want to gain some benefits from it. They are likely to use some inferior materials. In this way, the raw materials of the floor heating pipe are impure and the processing accuracy is not enough, which will affect its service life. In the later use, there are some problems. Regular floor heating laying has a high requirement for pipelines. Every pipeline must use the whole pipe and no joints are allowed. Therefore, as long as the quality of pipe fittings is qualified, the pipeline itself will not leak.

2. Construction details

Some construction teams may not be particularly professional, not in accordance with the norms of the industry to operate the construction, construction quality is not good, later it is easy to have problems. In general, regular brand floor heating businesses will have their own construction team, so that the floor heating installation is more professional, and later problems are less.

3. Subsequent decoration is not intended to be damaged

In the early stage, the floor heating installation is very smooth, but in the later stage of decoration, it may also cause some damage to the floor heating, such as using some electric drills, electric hammers, nail guns, etc. in the construction.

4. Cleaning coil

If it is repaired pipeline, do not carry out projectile cleaning during cleaning. Generally, there are three cleaning methods: chemical cleaning, pulse cleaning and ejection cleaning. Generally, the cleaning time is about three years. Pay attention to find a professional cleaning team to operate when cleaning.

How to deal with the leakage?

1. Close the water return valve first to avoid greater loss.

2. Ask professional floor heating maintenance master to come to the door for treatment.

How to prevent the floor heating from leaking?

1. Choose regular heating and ventilation company and decoration company.

2. Do not modify the floor heating at will.

3. When using floor heating for the first time every year, it is necessary to heat it in sections and gradually increase the temperature. Do not adjust the temperature to the maximum at one time.

4. Reducing the frequency of floor heating cleaning can also increase its service life, which requires the installation of a floor heating water filter and the use of antiscaling agent.

5. Three pressure tests shall be conducted for the installation of floor heating, respectively, after the laying of floor heating pipe, after the completion of concrete backfilling, and after the completion of all decoration works, before cleaning.