Is the thermal radiation of water and ground heating harmful to human body?

As a way of heating, floor heating is becoming more and more common in daily life, but some friends are worried about the radiation of floor heating, which will cause harm to human body. But is it really the case? Let's take a look at whether the radiation of water and ground heating is harmful?

Floor heating is divided into water heating and electricity heating, and water heating is a very popular heating mode now, because of the higher security and stability of water heating, the market share is very high. The water floor heating system is to heat the whole floor evenly through the heat medium in the floor radiation layer through the circulating hot water flowing no more than 60 degrees in the floor coil, and to achieve the heating purpose by using the law of the ground's own heat storage and upward radiation from the bottom to the top, which is also in line with the health theory of Chinese medicine.

According to the current scientific research, the heat radiation of the floor heating is harmless to the human body. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine advocates warming the feet and cooling the roof. The water floor heating is based on the bottom-up heat dissipation principle to protect people's health. "Warming the feet" can effectively promote the blood circulation of the feet, thus improving the blood circulation of the whole body. For patients with old cold legs and arthritis More effective prevention and treatment; "cool top" is because the head is the meeting of all Yang. Proper cold can stimulate the blood vessels and nerves of the head, help to keep the brain awake, and to a certain extent play a health care role.

Compared with air conditioning heating, radiator heating, electric floor heating system, water floor heating has obvious advantages such as more uniform temperature, high heat dissipation stability, high efficiency and energy saving, saving gas cost, etc., and it does not occupy the floor height of the home, which does not affect the decoration style of the home. People can feel comfortable and warm in the room.

So, warm water is not only harmless to people, but also has many benefits. It not only solves the damage of cold and humid air to human body in winter, but also recuperates the body. It has many benefits!