Is it suitable to install floor heating in summer?

With the improvement of people's pursuit of life quality, the floor heating products are more and more concerned by people. Most people think that spring and autumn are good seasons for decoration, but in fact, summer is the best time to install the floor heating.

01 Installation of floor heating in summer can reduce construction difficulty and make installation easier

Winter construction is affected by the temperature, the floor heating pipe is too hard, which is not conducive to the elbow at first, and then it is easy to snap the nails away, which increases the construction difficulty. The installation in summer is not easy to occur these problems, and the installation efficiency is higher and easier!

02 Installation of floor heating in summer can avoid piling up, which is more convenient

Many people are still used to the idea of installing floor heating when winter comes; however, in winter, due to the limited number of installation personnel, it is not only necessary to line up, but also to catch up with the construction period, which inevitably leads to carelessness due to the acceleration of the progress; there will be no such problem in selecting summer staggered installation, which is more worry free!

03 Installation of floor heating in summer can shorten construction period and save time

After the installation of the floor heating main material, it needs to be backfilled, and the concrete required for backfilling needs to be solidified for a certain time, while the time required for solidification in summer is faster than that in winter and the solidification effect is good; in addition, after the installation, it needs to be ventilated and debugged, with high temperature in summer, fast air flow speed, higher efficiency and more time-saving!

04 Installed in summer, floor heating can be installed at different peak, saving money

Winter is the peak period of installation of floor heating. No matter the installation workers or the materials required for floor heating, they will be in short supply, and the price will be naturally high. In addition, the installation cycle in winter will be long, and the cost will inevitably increase, so the installation in summer can save more money!